IDA YLP Webinar: The IDA YLP Hosted a Webinar Featuring Dr. Jim Birkett, Past IDA President, on The History of Desalination

Matan Beery

The IDA YLP hosted a webinar titled The History of Desalination, featuring Dr. Jim Birkett, on June 14, 2016. Dr. Birkett covered the development of desalination technology over the last milennium, from the boilers and sponges on Greek ships, to the industrialization and commercialization of the Normandy distilling devices, and to the rapid growth of membrane and other technologies through the 20th century. In his review of all technologies throughout the years, Dr. Birkett pointed out that a successful desalination process must have some morphological simplicity.

Dr. Birkett provided meaningful advice to the young professionals about the benefit of incremental improvements, to study all desalination processes out there, and to show humility to scientific evidence. The webinar can be replayed online, via YouTube, at

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