Webinar: “New Innovations in Desalination” by Dr. Mike Dixon

On Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018, Mike Dixon presented a webinar on “New Innovations in Desalination”.  After the successful commercialization of pressure exchange devices and more recently, the thin film nano-composite membrane, the desalination industry continues to search for the next step change in technology. Many great new technologies focusing on energy and chemical savings are being researched and several of these have left the test bench and moved closer toward commercialization.

Dr.Mike Dixon is a global expert in desalination and water treatment technology working with membrane and thermal technologies in Australia, North America, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia. Mike has worked across the entire value chain with technology manufacturers, water utilities, oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical companies and research hubs. Mike is currently the Secretary of the IDA Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the Technical Program Committee. Click the following link to tune into this exciting webinar: