Webinar: Interstage Boosting with Turbochargers in BWRO and SWRO

Dr. Giancarlo Barassi, Winner of Best Presentation at CaribDA 2018 Biennial Conference, gave a webinar on July 26, 2018 on interstage boosting with turbocharger in BWRO and SWRO applications. Getting the most out of every drop of water entering the RO plant is something engineers seek. Nonetheless, this comes with a challenge. Increasing the recovery will generate a rise in the osmotic pressure which results in a low Net Driving Pressure (NDP) in the rear end of the RO skid, causing an uneven flux distribution. Employing interstage boosting allows raising the net driving pressure every time we exit a stage and enter a new one improving the flux balance. In the past, it was common to utilize pumps for this purpose, but with more stringent energy constraints, new options had to be explored. Nowadays, with the appearance of the new highly efficient turbochargers driven by the hydraulic energy of the brine, it is possible to obtain the same process performance benefits at zero energy cost.

Hip hop enthusiast, chemist, and ex-entrepreneur, Dr Giancarlo Barassi has vast experience in the design, commissioning and troubleshooting of RO plants for Industrial, Agriculture and Hemodialysis applications. Giancarlo began his career running his own company – H2OPRO – in Chile where he got involved selling projects and equipment for Culligan, Voltea and FEDCO in Chile and Peru before joining FEDCO-USA full time as Sales Engineer for Europe. He is about to graduate from the IDA Academy with the International Reverse Osmosis Certification.