Webinar: Post-treatment of Desalinated Water by Nicholas Nelson

On October 30, 2017, Nicholas Nelson presented on the often-neglected topic of post-treatment of desalinated water. In this presentation Nicholas discussed about the technical and health reasons for remineralization of desalinated waters, the factors to be considered needed to hit water quality targets, the current technologies used in the industry with their merits and disadvantages and the true cost of remineralization.

Nicholas Nelson is the Head of Competence Centre for Water Treatment at Omya International, a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial minerals and speciality chemicals, where he has spent the last five years developing products and processes for the remineralisation of water after desalination processes. During this time, Nicholas has co-authored 7 papers and filed 5 patents on the topic of remineralization.

Prior to Omya, Nicholas studied at the University of Adelaide and later worked for Guidera O’Connor  – a leading EPC contractor in Australia – in a variety of different roles, including State Manager of the Perth office, as well as a Project Manager and Commissioning Manager for a number of major infrastructure projects for the Western Australian Water Corporation and SA Water.

The webinar can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBLBglpg2y8.