IDA YLP Active in South America

The event drew over 150 students from South American countries.

The IDA Young Leader Program (YLP) has been active in the South American region hosting a successful seminar for chemical engineering students in Argentina. The seminar was a part of COLAEIQ 2012 (Congreso Latinoamericano de Estudiantes de Ingenieria Quimica) an international event in Cordoba, Argentina with 1800 students from 20 countries.

Juan Pinto (Energy Recovery Inc., USA) one of our YLP Committee members made two well attended presentations at the event. Juan was able to tell the desalination story to up to 500 students. He received interesting feedback from the students, many of whom were actively seeking internships, further study and job opportunities in our exciting industry.
It was also great to see students from different countries interested in joining the IDA YLP including Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Argentina. The interest from students was so high all the YLP brochures and Juan’s business cards were used!

A list of more than 150 students interested in more information about the YLP was collated from the event. An email outlining how to join the IDA and the benefits of being a member has been sent aiming to increase IDA and YLP memberships.